Hot Transfer Leads
Hot Transfer Leads

We make your phones ring with Qualified Prospects within 72 Hours.

Receive Mortgage Refinance, Purchase Leads, any type of Business to Business or Business to Consumer Sales Lead, Call Center Telemarketing Leads or Appointments, plus fresh exclusive Real Estate Listing Leads.

Our Firm Only Generates Exclusive Hot Transfer Leads!

Check Out These Main Benefits .

Totally Exclusive

Live In-Bound Phone Calls During Your Business Hours

Qualified Prospects

People Interested In Your Services

Prospects Ready To Do Business - Not Shopping Around

Online Real Time Web Application To View Leads

Instant E-mail Confirmation ForEvery Lead

Our Clients Enjoy 20% to 37% Closing Ratios

Secrets of How We Do It

  1. We use automated dialers to call on prospects that have been scrubbed against the National Do Not Call Registry. We can dial approximately 10,000 calls per minute. Calls are scheduled and delivered at a speed based upon your hours of operation and capability.
  2. People respond to "Live Answer Calls" surveys and "Voice Mail Messages." In all cases the calls are routed to our call center where telemarketers perform qualification.
    1. First Qualification - If the caller wants to be removed from our data-base then we capture their information and remove them from future calling.
    2. Second Qualification - If the caller is interested in a service provided such as a mortgage quote, and then we qualify them for appropriate filters and enter the data.
  3. Hot Transfer Process. Next our telemarketers will put the prospect on hold, call your office, perform a "Hand Shake with an Introduction", after a good connection we drop off and let your people continue with the call. Right after this an email confirmation is sent as a back up.
  4. Real Time On-Line Viewing - All leads are posted online in a real time format for clients to see and capture.

We Will:

  1. Provide Free Sales Strategies & Closing Tools
  2. Give You a 24/7 Real Time Online System
  3. Provide Quality and Guaranteed Results

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