All of our leads are generated by following the strictest regulatory compliance for one main reason… To protect our clients from any telemarketing violations.

If your firm is regulated or if you are required to hold a license to operate, it is imperative that your lead supplier knows and follows the rules.

Our firm has been in business for over 20 years, integrity is an integral part of our mission statement and our way of life.

Just for clarification, the telemarketing regulations only apply to consumer marketing. If your firm does B to B marketing you are not required to submit to the DO NOT call Regulations. For details click here.

To start with Results Business Solutions Inc., our corporation is registered with the DNCR and our San Number is RBS 76092-022228.

Then >>>>

  1. We only call against scrubbed lists
  2. We always use a caller id with opt out which is required
  3. We do not drop live answer calls which is required
  4. We give an opt out push "2" on every call which people use to be removed
  5. When pushing "1" we again give them an opt out option
  6. We keep track of every remove and do not dial them again. Our system locks their number out
  7. We dial under Results Debt Solutions, which is our non-profit corporation, which means we would be exempt from most DNC Regulations any way
  8. We are only offering free information it is not a sales call
  9. We fall under the same safe harbor as radio stations that can call people to drive them to a free service or their station to listen
  10. We ask all callers if they are interested and want to participate thru live TSRs. Plus we keep everything in writing and have a written compliance policy. We Never Use Broadcast Fax to generate leads. This is a national violation and if your supplier uses this method your license will be in jeopardy and you may be subject to Huge fines from the government.

And, finally we provide an Indemnification agreement to protect you from any liability on our part.

Ask Your Current Supplier If They Do All of This Then Call Us at 800-613-5110 to order.