Mortgage Leads

Receive totally exclusive, qualified Refinance and Purchase Hot Transferred Mortgage Leads within 72 hours. We deliver all leads via live call transfer, real-time online with email confirmations.

If you ever have bought Internet Leads, you already know there is no such thing as exclusive. Internet prospects are shoppers by nature: what this means to you is poor closing ratios.

If you have ever worked telemarketer leads that are call center generated with tsrs that receive incentives, you may have experienced poor quality or at best mis-information. Not counting the fact that if the leads are only delivered by Excel file, fax or email, you are still in the "Try to catch them at home game." Have you ever calculated how many lost opportunities you have because you are not receiving them Hot?

All of our mortgage leads are filtered by:

  1. State
  2. $80,000 or higher loans
  3. 85% LTV
  4. Cash Out
  5. Interest rates are 6% Fixed or Variable
  6. Include self reported home value, amount owed, credit
  7. Scripts sell Interest Only and Less Than Perfect Credit mortgages that capture sub prime and prime prospects ready to do business

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